Bridging the gaps in care between physical, mental, and social health


Why Holon Health?


We help people who struggle with motivation, judgment, and healthcare literacy.
Over 70% of people with substance use disorder have related physical health conditions that often go untreated. These conditions can land them in the emergency room and the hospital. This is an expensive and time-consuming approach to healthcare that often leaves clients unsatisfied and without long-term support. At Holon, we know this outcome is avoidable with some guidance and support. In this case, preventative services and care management help to reduce healthcare costs, while helping clients avoid untimely setbacks that increase relapse risk. We know healthcare is difficult to navigate. We’re ready to help.
At Holon Health, we have your back!

The Holon Health Mission

We strive to provide support and solutions that address the whole health needs of people with SUD.
We believe total health is a combination of physical, mental, and social health. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program expands on all forms of health, weaves in problem-solving therapy to address Social Determinants of Health, and also integrates “The 7 Pillars of Health” into easy-to-understand micro-lessons.
Holon Health’s approach combines timely healthcare appointments delivered face-to-face via telehealth with a digital companion mobile app to offer around-the-clock support and motivation.

You Are Not Alone

Our model of care is designed to benefit health plans, patients, and providers, helping each group independently and overall.



We identify patients unfamiliar with preventative care and proactively engage them in better use of the healthcare services. Holon Health walks the journey with them. With the digital companion always in their pocket, they have a personal cheerleader there to support, motivate, and reinforce all the good stuff they do.


Health Plans

Holon Health aims to decrease the healthcare costs associated with those experiencing substance use disorder by directing them to supportive preventative healthcare, encouraging them to engage more actively with their treatment providers, advocate for themselves, and seek treatment at the appropriate level of care. Our goal is to provide trustworthy services and referrals specific to each individual’s unique needs.



Oftentimes, patients with substance use disorder struggle to navigate the healthcare system and may find themselves not showing up for appointments or not wanting to engage with providers. Holon Health pairs positive reinforcement with appointment reminders and healthcare education to drive patient engagement. By meeting patients where they are in their treatment journey, we’re able to support them in successfully navigating services. Holon Health can help engage patients quickly, usually within 24-48 hours, in brief, solution-focused interventions to augment any lapse or delay in additional treatment.