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Our Story

At Holon Health, our mission is to help people with substance use disorders (SUD) to navigate the complexities of healthcare in a manner that improves health literacy, addresses gaps, and improves outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.

The Holon Health team cares for people with substance use disorders and other related health complications by identifying and addressing care needs via referrals and technology-enabled support. Holon was co-founded by Dr. Traci Sweet and Jason Herzog, who, through over 40 combined years of experience in SUD treatment and criminal justice, identified a need and developed a solution.

The Holon Health Philosophy

Holon is the combination of “Holos,” which means whole, and “on,” which means part. Together, holos and on mean an autonomous, self-reliant unit. To Holon, this means that the physical-emotional-social parts of the self are themselves whole while also integrated into the person, family, and society. Holon seeks to assimilate the parts of the person by treating each aspect and reintegrating the person to feel empowered and ultimately seek to engage cooperatively and positively with the larger community and social system.

Our Core Values



we collaborate with our partners to address gaps in physical, mental, and social health needs



we better the community by improving the outcomes of our partners and patients alike.



we care for all people, embracing help over judgment.



we meet patients where they are and work to identify solutions that address their needs.

Meet Our Outstanding Team


Jason Herzog

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason Herzog, MBA, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Holon Health. As a seasoned entrepreneurial leader and accomplished CEO, Jason has over 25 years of experience leading high-growth companies from conception to market leader status. He is passionate about driving systemic change that addresses the Quadruple Aim of healthcare: improving health, reducing cost, enhancing patient experience, and improving provider satisfaction.

Before creating Holon, Jason was the Founding CEO of Averhealth where it became obvious that the population of people involved in the criminal justice system who had a substance use disorder tended to have low healthcare literacy which impacted their ability to access services and the high-quality care they deserve. Not only did this cause lost time and financial burden to the individuals, it also led to increased costs for health plans and additional stress for justice systems. Jason knew that with the right approach and proper planning that the population could engage with healthcare in a way that increased patient satisfaction and improved outcomes for both patients and health plans. That’s why he founded Holon Health alongside Dr. Traci Sweet.

Prior to finding success building scalable healthcare companies at Averhealth and now Holon, Jason served as a Founding Partner at Creswell Partners, the VP at Harris Williams & Co., and has worked as a Financial Analyst and Business Associate. He has his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BSBA From Rockhurst University.

Jason enjoys spending his time with his wife, children, and fur babies. His entire family shares a passion for active travel, snow skiing, and water sports.

Traci Sweet

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Traci Sweet, Psy.D., is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Holon Health. With over 30 years of experience providing operational and clinical leadership in the behavioral health and substance use disorder field, she has found success creating innovative healthcare solutions that drive results. For example, she pioneered the first integrated care models for SUD at Catasys, Inc. (now called OnTrak) in 2006 and has previously written evidence-based curricula for Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. (incarcerated individuals in treatment for SUD) and for the Commonwealth of MA (First Offender DUI program exclusively for women).

Dr. Sweet joined Jason Herzog in founding Holon because she wanted to create systemic and long-term change for a population that struggles with traditional healthcare models. She knew by combining the best evidence-based treatments to establish therapeutic alliances that she could break down barriers to care, build retention, and decrease stigma. “We needed to solve for longer-term engagement in treatment because high drop-out rates notoriously align with higher relapse and recidivism rates which hurt the patient, burden the criminal justice system, and cost healthcare systems. Holon addresses these concerns.”

Previously, Dr. Sweet was the COO and Head of Clinical Affairs at Kaden Health and the State Director of Operations for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections at Spectrum Health Systems, among other notable roles. She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology and her MBA in Organizational Leadership and is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. She has completed fellowships at Yale University Psychiatric Institute and UPenn Medical Center. She has presented across the US at conferences like the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders and the Disease Management Association of America and is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in advanced techniques in CBT, motivational enhancement, relapse reduction, and complex disease management.

When not working, Traci enjoys spending time with her family and fur babies between FL and MA, traveling and adventuring, e-biking, and doing DIY projects.


Rachel Manni

Vice President, People

Rachel Manni, PHR, SHRM-CP, is the Vice President of People at Holon Heath. Her commitment to transforming healthcare for underserved populations while supporting the teams that provide that care made joining Holon an easy decision. She brings her experience building HR and People Operations from the ground-up at multiple startups including Averhealth where she worked with Holon Co-Founder Jason Herzog.

Prior to Holon, Rachel was the Head of People at Better Life Partners from Series A to Series B and the Human Resources Director at Tree of Life Counseling Center. She has demonstrated experience working on both national and global scales, previously serving as the Director of People at TITLE Boxing Club and AgileOne, where she led HR functions globally across 13 countries. While she has a variety of industry experience, she has spent over half of her career at mission-driven substance use disorder organizations.

Rachel is passionate about Holon’s mission because she has seen firsthand the barriers people face accessing quality SUD care. The innovative and patient-centered approach resonates with her because she knows it isn’t just transforming healthcare, it’s directly impacting lives for the better. “Holon is a much-needed advocate for those who have faced an uphill battle navigating our complex and often stigmatized healthcare system.”

Outside of work, Rachel lives on the Jersey Shore with her husband, stepson, and three dogs. She enjoys spending time with her family, working out, traveling, and hosting guests.

Rachel Manni

Michael Bollinger

Director of Operations

Michael Bollinger the Director of Operations at Holon Health. With a proven track record of operational excellence and strategic leadership, Michael has experience in client services, provider management, licensing and credentialing, and program implementation.

As the Director of Operations, Michael brings a wealth of diverse experience and a deep understanding of end-to-end operations that drive organizational success. That knowledge paired with a knack for relationship development and a passion for learning and motivation helps him to foster collaborative work environments where team members are empowered to excel at every level.

When Michael initially joined Holon, it was due to Holon’s notable growth potential and his desire to be a part of something that could provide much-needed innovation for those living with SUD. Since joining Holon, he’s realized an even greater appreciation of the work he does, noting, “I now see that the work I’m doing has the potential to touch an incredible amount of lives in a positive way. More than I’ve ever dreamed of. I have never been more motivated than I am now.”

Outside of Holon, you can find Michael enjoying time with his young family, golfing, and poolside barbecues.

Paul DelGiudice

Medical Director

Dr. Paul DelGiudice is the Medical Director of Holon Health. He is a board-certified DEA enrolled physician with decades of experience working in patient care and leadership. He specializes in and is board certified in three disciplines: Addiction Medicine, Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine.

Prior to Holon, Dr. DelGiudice served as the Regional Medical Director at Kaden Health, a NYC-based telemedicine company that specializes in addiction medicine treatment. He also recently retired from cardiac anesthesiology at Catholic Medical Center (CMC) where he also served as Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia and as a member of the Board of Trustees. He received his undergraduate degree from Holy Cross, his graduate degree from Tufts University Medical School, and had residencies at UMass Medical Center in Internal Medicine and anesthesiology and critical care medicine at Dartmouth College.

Outside of medicine, Dr. DelGiudice has been a New Hampshire resident since 1982 where he lives with his wife. They have four adult children.


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